Muir Consulting, Inc. has always believed that investing and utilizing new technologies can provide tremendous benefits to our clients. However, our decisions to use new technologies are based upon results, not our competitors purchases, sales pitches, or latest trends. We will always be "Application driven, Technology derived."

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Muir Consulting, Inc. is excited to have teamed up with an industry leader in technology to develop an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for use in mapping. Upon approval in 2015 from the government, this new technology will enable Muir surveyors to map out in great detail large areas of land, efficiently and safely.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Our founder, Jack M. Smith, has extensive experience with GPS. He was one of the first surveyors to use GPS with Glonass for commercial purposes and helped develop the first GPS machine control. Our crews use Trimble, Topcon, and Javad GPS on a variety of projects.

Robotic Total Stations

Robotic total stations allow the instrument person to be on the rod end of the surveying task, while the instrument "tracks" his/her position in real-time. This technology allows for a one-person field crew, or in a two-person field crew, allows multi-tasking. The servo-driven instruments are much faster and more accurate than conventional instruments. We currently use both Topcon and Trimble robotic total stations.

Reflectorless Distance Measuring

Our robotic total stations are also equipped with reflectorless technology. Because of this, we are able to measure to items that are physically inaccessible such as antenna towers, landslides, building corners, roof peaks, high voltage wires, and contaminated soils.

Field-to-Finish Data Collection

Because of our experience in developing data collection software, Muir Consulting, Inc. was chosen as a beta-test site for Carlson SurvCE software. We are proud to know that we help the progress of the most cutting edge data collection system. Our staff has developed proprietary techniques for our field-to-finish data collection process, which enables us to provide our clients the most efficient data collection possible.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Our CAD operators use the industry standard, Autocad Civil3d, for all of our drafting needs. Again, we have created a system to quickly translate from raw field data to a completed map. These time saving techniques allow us to get our projects done on time and under budget.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Muir Consulting, Inc. provides comprehensive GIS services and consultation for public municipalities. Our GIS manager has years of GIS experience administering GIS services at the county level. Jack Smith's surveying engineering degree emphasized geographic information systems.