Geatracker Surveying Services

Muir Consulting, Inc. offers complete surveying services to support compliance with the structure, guidelines, and restrictions for creating GeoTracker Survey_XYZ electronic data deliverables.

State Regulation

The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) adopted regulations that require electronic submittal for groundwater cleanup. Since 2004, parties responsible for cleanup of leaks from underground storage tanks (LUST) have been required to submit data, including survey data, to the GeoTracker database via the Internet. Recently, electronic data submission has been extended to include all SWRCB groundwater cleanup programs including LUST, non-LUST (SLIC), Department of Defense (DOD), and Chapter 15 land disposal programs.

Survey Requirements!

geotracker_survey-reqs The location of monitoring wells and sampling points is restricted to those persons authorized to practice land surveying in the State of California, per section 8762 of the Business and Profession Code. Horizontal positions must be located with sub-meter accuracies, tied to the high precision geodetic network (HPGN), and based on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). Vertical positions, or elevations, must be surveyed with a relative elevation of 0.01 feet, and an absolute elevation, based on a known vertical datum, of 0.10 feet.

Survey Methods

Due to the stringent requirements of locating the wells relative to highly accurate survey points, Muir Consulting, Inc. utilizes a combination of the Global Positioning System (GPS), conventional and robotic total stations, and digital and optical levels to locate points for GeoTracker inclusion. Deliverables include the GEO_WELL, GEO_XY, GEO_Z files in Microsoft Excel format, and the Site Map in PDF format.

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