Topographic Surveys

Muir Consulting, Inc. is the industry leader in the surveying and mapping of Topographic Surveys. Years of working closely with engineers and architect helped develop the exceptional product that we deliver on a daily basis to our clients. A Topographic Survey from Muir Consulting, Inc. is always accurate, clean, reliable, and comprehensive. That is why our clients continue to come to us for all their mapping needs.

Our field crews use the latest in technology to collect data. Our surveyor's "tool box" includes robotic instruments, reflectorless laser technology, GPS, and 3d laser scanning. We use the latest SurvCE data collection software from Carlson Software. In the office, we use Autodesk products, including Autocad, for all of our computer aided drafting (CAD). Our staff has developed exclusive routines, commands, and procedures that enable us to draft both efficiently and consistently. CAD standards play a big role in the successful implementation of our Topographic Surveys to out clients design. Our standards are easy to follow and understand. In addition, we can easily adapt to another firms standards, as required.

The "Checklist"

Those years of working closely with engineers and architects has enabled us to develop a Topographic Survey Checklist, available to all of our clients on our website. Prior to the proposal stage, this checklist is filled out and made part of the contract. The checklist allows everyone involved with the project to know what is required and expected. Our field crews verify the checklist before leaving the site to assure that all items were data collected. Our CAD professional reviews it while drafting so that the project is setup exactly the way the client intended. The managers review it prior to delivery so that it can be verified that every item that was required, was surveyed.


There really is nothing that a Muir surveyor cannot locate. From trees to buildings, high voltage lines to underground utilities, parking lots to driveways, a Topographic Survey prepared by us will show those planimetric features accurately. We draw everything to scale and label each item clearly.

Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

While some firms have experience in the drafting of digital terrain models, we have both experience and understanding. The professional land surveyors of Muir Consulting, Inc. fully understand the concept of proper DTM creation, including the mathematics and principles of the creation of the triangular irregular network (TIN). DTM creation starts with data collection. Our crews collect the data necessary for the construction of break lines, fault lines, grade breaks, and other features to correctly allow the creation of the TIN. Contours are then generated from the TIN showing the surface of the project for design. On large scale projects, we will often implement aerial mapping techniques, or photogrammetry, as a cost effective alternative, or in support, to the ground surveying.