Boundary and Topographic Survey

The first indication that a parcel of land is being developed is the presence of a land surveyor. A land surveyor provides the client with basic property information and data. A Muir Consulting Land Surveyor provides even more. Our professional staff realizes that the success of any project is the foundation upon which it is based and that our Boundary and Topographic Surveys are the basis to which all development will be generated. "To set forth in detail" great care and attentiveness along with years of experience, utilizing the latest in technology, provide a product that an entire project, no matter the size, can be relied upon and trusted for development.

Muir Consulting, Inc. performs Boundary and Topographic Surveys throughout California and Nevada for developers, architects, engineers, planners, and land owners. Our extensive background and experience throughout these regions enable us to have that intrinsic local knowledge, yet provide our clients with geographic independence.

The limits of any development is only constrained by its boundaries, therefore accurate boundaries established per State Law are essential for the proper design and most effective use of a piece of land. Muir Consulting has performed boundary surveys for all types of properties, from small urban lots in downtown San Francisco to large open tracts in the Central Valley. Our land surveyors are recognized for their extensive research, diligence, attention to detail, and respect of the law.

A topographic survey represents the general topography of the land. A Topographic Survey by Muir Consulting shows even more. Besides providing all the common topographic survey items, our surveys allow the designers and engineers the option of planning information, above and underground utilities, aerial photos, and three-dimensional modeling to be shown on the survey. Our comprehensive surveys provide the necessary information to develop, "to set forth in detail."

Having succeeded in performing thousands of Boundary and Topographic Surveys, including commercial and residential, the development of projects come down to five words: "To set forth in detail." Those words indicate our commitment to providing the essential and important Boundary and Topographic Survey that site plans, architectural design, and engineering improvement plans are based upon. A successful development is based on the details and the details are what we are. Please contact us to discuss all your Boundary and Topographic Land Surveying needs.